About Us

Indonesia has majority of a young population. More than half of its citizen are below 30 years of age. Even though most of them have at least high school or vocational school qualifications, the unemployment rate as still as high as 20% among the youth. This over-supply of productive workforce poses great human capital potential to solve the labour shortages in many developed countries.

Indonesians are already widely known for their exemplary work attitude and politeness, which are the most cited attributes requested by prospective employers in expanding their workforce. With increasing education quality, English proficiency, and technological penetration, the population are rapidly becoming an integrated part of the global community.

By equipping them with the appropriate skill-set and upgrading their competencies to suit the globally accepted standards, they are poised to be a highly competitive source for workforce at the global stage.


Binawan to become the trusted hub that connects global job markets for companies and qualified talents.


To raise the dignity and welfare of Indonesians through developing their qualifications to the best international standards. To find the most suitable person for each job opportunity that the world offers. To assist the global movement of talents professionally, efficiently, and transparently